Original Virginia-class submarine illustration becomes a customized fund-raising tool

The official U.S. Navy illustration of the Virginia-class submarine
 Virginia-class submarine. The official U.S. Navy illustration is packed with details about the most advanced submarine in the world. Commissions are now being accepted to create custom prints for specific Virginia-class subs.
The U.S. Navy' All Hands magazine
 All Hands celebrated the centennial of the submarine and featured my commissioned illustration of the Virginia-class boat.

Classic illustration can be effective fund-raising, awareness tool for your Virginia-class group

As the first of the new Virginia-class (SSN-774) submarines sailed into action, All Hands magazine introduced the vessels in its celebration of 100 years of submariners service. I was honored to have my illustration of the Virginia-class grace that issue’s center spread.

Following that, I created a customized version of the All Hands illustration for the USS North Carolina, which was installed on that sub after its commissioning. The work was also adapted for an exhibit at the Battleship North Carolina Museum in Wilmington.

The original illustration has been reproduced many times in magazines and newspapers. A support group for the USS Texas commissioned a customized print (shown above) to help raise funds for that crew.

In the works now is a new series of illustrated Virginia-class prints designed to help support the crews of the various submarines.

I’m currently accepting commissions for customized bulk print runs for any of the Virginia-class subs. The prints can be customized in a number of ways, from adding the badge of the particular submarine to customizing the subhead, introductory text, and some of the text blocks.

A customized print commemorating a specific Virginia-class sub can be a great way to raise funds in support of that particular crew. Crew members, their families, and friends can all appreciate this print, which honors the dedicated service of our submariners as well as celebrates the engineering triumphs that enable our American naval forces to protect our country in waters here and abroad.

You can use this unique print to raise support, increase awareness, and offer a keepsake that can be handed down to the next generations.

Contact me to discuss customizing this classic print for your submarine group. Just send me a note via the the short form below and I’ll be right back in touch.